Why Your Man Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

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Women are quick to come to conclusions that their man might be having an affair outside the relationship but it’s not always that, there are many other reasons that bring up this situation
We think most times that it is only women who are grumpy when it comes to sex. Well, men can be grumpy at times. There could be reasons why a man might want to elude having sexual affairs with his partner.

Some of the reasons could be:


Low Sex Drive:

A man can lack sexual appetite severely if there’s a decline in his testosterone levels, it leads to a weak or feeble erection and it tires a man out soon and in most cases makes him lazy enough to not initiate sex. He may feel want to have sex but at the same time, he doesn’t feel the emotion or physical longing.



Countless men suffer performance anxiety and prefer to keep it to themselves. They are scared to even discuss that with their partner. At times it could also be due to erectile dysfunction, where they are unable to hold on an erection. Of course, this can be an embarrassment for them and they try to keep this secret. So, try to talk to your partner to know what is going on with him. If performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction is the reason for abstaining from sex, get him treatment rather than suffering the relationship.



Depression can make a man isolate himself from his partner. Most men who suffer from depression don’t even realize that it’s already affecting various social and intrapersonal relationships. It most times starts with lack of sex, a gloomy mood and the inability to put efforts in the relationship to make it flourish. This can further make the other person feel very lonely and unhappy in the relationship.
So it is needed that the partner picks up the depression signals and help him get cured.



Stress can affect several different body systems and can even do damage if an individual is under chronic stress. Chronic stress can weaken your immune system, increase your cancer risk and leave you prone to a range of diseases. Stress, in so many cases, has ruined most men’s sex life like no other.  Stress can cause your body to produce hormone cortisol and very high cortisol levels affect testosterone production which furthers leads to low sex drive and an aversion to sex.


Extramarital affairs:

If your man is emotionally and romantically tangled with another woman there are great chances that he might not have an interest in having sex with you. His behavior, body language, and moods should serve as a clue for the partner, this needs no explanation.

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