Study Says Red Meat Can Cause Breast Cancer

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Red meats come with a series of health problems though they are unquestionably delicious with great taste as well. Most red meats are high in calories, cholesterol and fats content. It’s already a known fact that too much red meat can be dangerous to heart health.

As many may not know, a newly conducted study has made the revealed that consuming red meat may escalate the risk of breast cancer. The International Journal of Cancer published this study, and it also disclosed that when compared to red meat, poultry foods may provide safeguard you against breast cancer.
Red meat has been acknowledged as a probable cancer-causing agent. The study adds further proof that the consumption of red meat may be connected with an increased risk of breast cancer while poultry foods were linked with decreased risk of breast cancer.

A group of researchers decided to study a large number of women for their consumption and cooking practices of diverse types of meat. The monitoring process went on for 7.6 years, several invasive breast cancers were detected among the women. It was observed that participants who consumed more red meat had a 23% higher risk of developing breast cancer and those who ate more poultry foods had a 15% lower risk than the others.
Processed meat is generally made up of red meat but it contains nitrates and nitrites which further break down to form cancer-causing agent. It is advised that not more than 455 gram of cooked red meat should be eaten in a week.”

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