Steps To Get A Perfect Eyeliner

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Getting a perfect eyeliner on can be a real struggle, it looks so good when you get it on. The problem is that you’ll get one side perfect, and then the other is too long, too thick, or maybe not even. There are several types of eyeliner looks out there too, there’s liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and you can even get eyeliner tattooed!


Here are some tips to help you get that perfect line.

1. Select The Right Type Of Eyeliner That Best Suits You

Every eyeliner works differently for each person and every occasion. There’s the liquid, pencil, and gel. Liquid eyeliner is for the professionals, you can do that perfect eyeliner look with liquid liner, but there are lots of probability for error. It takes practice to get the ideal line with a liquid liner but once you get it done, you would love and prefer it when compared to the other types. The gel eyeliner is handier, you can take control of the thickness level of the actual line, but you have to ensure you have a steady hand, and getting it on both eyes can get quite complicated.
The pencil eyeliner is common and it’s better for the everyday look. If you decide to go for a pencil liner, you must sharpen your pencil regularly, so you don’t end up with a dull, blunt line when you’re about to draw on your eyeliner.

2. Use A Primer

when you make use of a good eye primer, it makes sure that your eyeliner and the rest of your eye makeup isn’t going anywhere. Just spot some on, have little patience for it to dry, and then go on and apply the eyeliner.

3. Pick A Color That Suits You

If you don’t feel like going for the basic black, there are so many eyeliner colors out there. If a black eyeliner is too harsh for you, you can choose a brown or a lighter shade or you can even play around with brighter colors, like purples and blues, which can be very useful to bring out the colors in your eyes.

4. Wipe Your Mistakes

Make use of cotton swabs and concealer. Soak the cotton swab in a little bit of water or makeup remover, carefully and gently wipe away any eyeliner mistakes, or you can shape a wing with a little bit of concealer on a small concealer brush.

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