Rules You Need to Obey To Keep A Frizz Free And Shiny Hair

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Most times heat makes the hair frizzy. Therefore to ensure sleek tresses, try to avoid hair styling products, just apply oil only on the required areas of the hair.

The Rules

1.  Try to avoid styling products like hair spray and gels. They stick to the scalp and cause dandruff.

2.  Use shampoos and conditioners that are mild.

3.  Do not tie or cover up wet hair as it will cause dandruff.

4.  Care for your hair by applying coconut or olive oil to lengths and ends, make sure you avoid the scalp.

5.  Do not pick hairstyles that require styling irons. Choose a hairstyle that is more convenient.

6.  Swimming in cool water might seem to be fun, but do not frequent the swimming pool with chlorine in it as the chlorine that is present in the swimming pool can make hair coarse and unhealthy.

7.  Consume protein-rich foods such as nuts, fish, and so on to keep your hair voluminous and healthy.

If you follow these tips, you could keep your hair frizz-free and healthy.

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