How To Contour High Cheekbones

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Well, some of us don’t have celebrity faces, so we have decided to chisel our faces with makeup to add to our natural beauty. We’re completely okay with the part makeup plays in contouring, shaping and making our face shine. We’re going to take you to step by step right from the foundation straight to the setting spray to get you that supermodel celebrity carved face.

1. Follow Your Own Contours

The face maps you’ve seen on various blogs, social media and so on, they are just face drawings that show you highlights and shadows on the face. It’s not that complex, these face maps are just an overall guideline where you should be placing the highlights and shadows on your face. You can decide to follow your natural face structure to achieve the same result without using another person’s facial structure.

2. Begin With A Base

If you’re going to contour your cheeks, then you’re going for a more made-up look. That means you will need to have a solid, buildable base. The formulas you’re using for contouring should stay consistent, you have to ensure that, so if you’re using a creamy foundation, either pick a creamy highlighter and shadow or powder your face if you’re choosing powder formulas.

3. Contour The Lines

Carve your cheeks out by sucking them inside and then shading directly beneath the high points. Apply your product layer by layer in a line right in the hollows. You might want to extend the line up to your temples and gradually shade in to narrow the face and highlight your cheekbones. Don’t make the shading very dark, take a fluffy brush and then start blending out the edges, blending the product into your hairline.

4. Highlight

If you really want cheeks that pop then you can’t jump this step. We advise you to make use of powerful highlighting drops for a maximum effect and control. Don’t rub it all over the place. Just stick to one mild swipe at the highest point on the cheekbones.

5. Blend And Seal

You can now blend in some bronzer just above your shading and then blend the edges, use a little bit of blush and rub on your apples, above your bronzer and also below your highlighter. Then spray on your makeup setting spray for staying power.

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