Get Your Lipstick last Longer Using This 5 Steps

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Lipstick is primary in any makeup routine, there is a whole variety of colors to choose from, and each color gives off a different feel. When going on a date, meeting or party, the last thing you would want to worry about is lipstick smudging. So what’s the point of spending money on lipstick if it can stay on your lip throughout the day or night. Your lipstick might look nice at first, it might vanish after dinner or party.

We’ve provided you with a step by step guide to help you


Exfoliating your lips for lipstick is vital as it lays down the foundation. This will ensure the lipstick doesn’t crack, and the color stays looking smooth and fresh.

STEP 2.  Prim and Prep

You might want to prep your lips with a primer before applying the color. This step is very necessary for persons with dry lips

STEP 3.  Lip Liner And Fill

Lip liner acts as an excellent base for lipstick and overlining can help give the look of bigger lips. This is recommended by the professionals to keep color from fading. Use similar lip liner to line and fill in the lip before applying lipstick. Start with outlining your lips and work inward to lay down the color and foundation before applying the actual lipstick.

STEP 4: Apply Lipstick

Carefully apply the lipstick so you don’t mess up all the work you just put in with the lip liner. Liquid lip colors are not difficult to apply, because they aren’t too dry and provide solid coverage all day. After applying the lipstick you can blot and repeat to get the exact hue you want. You can even decide to pick from many of the long-lasting lipstick shades available if you’re going for the all-day look.

STEP 5: Set Your Lips

Setting your lips is very important. With a small brush, use a translucent powder to lightly set your lipstick into place and avoid those pesky lipstick stains. If you have dry lips you might have to avoid the powder because your lip color might get drier.

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