Benefits Of Having Sex During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy tends to drag you through countless emotions from happiness to distress and you tend to start asking lots of questions in other to avoid any mistakes or complications during the 9 months gestation period. Most women who are pregnant for their first time normally ask if they could still have sex with the pregnancy, Of course, you can and it’s even an ideal move.
As long as you are not having any pregnancy-related problems, enjoying sex during pregnancy is completely harmless. So, if you are refraining from sex because you think you could have a miscarriage, you are wrong.
All you need to do is to ensure that you are gentle during sex so you don’t cause shock to your cervix. You don’t need to allow penetration too deep and you also need to maintain hygiene.
Furthermore, if you have instructions from your doctor not to indulge in any sexual activity, then you should heed to that until your doctor says otherwise, oral sex inclusive as orgasms can cause uterine contractions.

You can also follow a no-oral-sex policy sternly to keep infections at bay because an infection might result in your doctor advising a C-section which you might not like.
Remember to choose safe sex positions during sex, ensure that there is no extra pressure on your back so you don’t reduce the blood supply to your baby. You can opt for a side to side position, on all fours aka doggy style, stay on top, all these positions gives you control over the depth of the penetration and support your belly.
It is very normal to experience mild cramps or spotting an hour or two after having sex, you don’t need to freak out. It occurs due to orgasm and prostaglandins in semen lead to uterine contractions, and your partner’s penis rubbing against your cervix surface can result in spotting. But, if you experience profuse bleeding or severely painful cramps or both, better see your doctor.

Sex during pregnancy will have its share of different phases if you are a first-timer. With changes in your body, the experience will change too. Your libido will fluctuate. But that is normal too, so go ahead and enjoy sex without any reluctance.

These are the benefits of enjoying sex during pregnancy.

Eases Labour

According to a study, a little percentage of pregnant women tried to prompt labour mostly by having sex. Well, it’s true, an orgasm causes contractions in the pelvic floor that help strengthen your muscles that are involved in labour. The semen contains prostaglandins which relax and widen the cervix, easing your labour. Sex strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, so you have a reduced risk of post-partum bleeding.


Low Chance Of Pre-term Labour

Women who have sex during the 6th to 9th month of pregnancy have low chances of pre-term delivery when compared those that refrained from it. So regular sexual intercourse during 6th to 9th week significantly reduced the risk of preterm labour.

Prevents Complications

According to research, enjoying sex during pregnancy lessens the risk of pre-eclampsia which is a dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. The sperms contain some proteins that help to adjust the body’s immunity against any complication.


Reduces Blood Pressure

Oxytocin is a hormone that helps to reduce your stress by dropping the cortisol levels and regulating your blood pressure. This hormone is released during sex. It is also important that you keep your fluctuating blood pressure in check during pregnancy and visit your doctor regularly as sex is not a permanent way to lower your blood pressure.

Improves Your Immunity And Foetus Development

The pregnant woman’s body takes the foetus as a foreign body in the early stages of pregnancy and her immune system adjusts to the defensive mode. Progesterone produced during sex aids the immune system accept and adapt to the foetus. Estrogen that is produced in the body help to stimulate hormone production in the baby’s adrenal gland and also allows the mother’s uterus to respond to oxytocin which guarantees the baby’s development.

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