9 Excellent Foods For Muscle Growth And Development

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You should have known by now that not all foods are healthy, the food choices these days are becoming overwhelming. The supermarket in the neighborhood is packed with different kinds of food you can imagine. When it comes to fitness, there are some foods that give you the correct kind of energy and help you with your workouts and athletic performance. If you’re planning to add weight, there are healthy ways to gain weight fast and safely, it’s not just consuming any food that comes your way. There are essential nutrients you also need if you’re planning to get pregnant at any time. In summary, it means that you have to stick to some eating routine and diet to achieve your body goals.

The foods listed below are very essential for your fitness and should be present in your regular diet.

These foods will provide you the much-needed boost you need for your athletic performance, workouts and muscle building:

1.  Water

Water is the most crucial nutrient your body requires. Water takes part in approximately the whole thing that happens within the human body. Your body also dehydrates very fast. You should drink 8 to 20 ounces of water 20Mins before working out.

2.  Banana

Bananas are a very good source of potassium and fiber. Potassium helps to control blood pressure and fiber is superb for food digestion and absorption. Bananas are a natural antacid that will also help with keeping your muscles from cramping. You can also check out how to avoid muscle soreness after a workout.


3.  Beef

Good lean beef contains zinc, high-quality protein, and iron. Ensure you opt for lean cuts like flank, shank, round and chuck. Also, ensure you cut off all the excess fat before you cook it. Broil or bake it on a rack to prevent the meat from cooking in its fat.


4.  Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious foods that are available. It has plenty of vitamin C and fiber in it. Above all that, it is a very good source of iron, magnesium, calcium and folic acid which are essential for muscle development.                           health benefits of consuming fruits


5.  Chicken

Chicken contains vitamin B6 which helps in protein metabolism and its also very low in fat. It also has iron and zinc among other nutrients. You can decide to cook the chicken with the skin on because the skin fat does not affect the meat.                     chicken breast with cranberry masala recipe


6.  Oatmeal

This is a very good source of fiber which digests very easily. Adding oatmeal to a low-fat diet reduces the cholesterol significantly thereby improving the muscle.


7.  Brown rice

Brown rice is very rich in complex carbohydrates. It has more fiber than white rice. It also contains other nutrients, like magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, protein, and selenium which are necessary for muscle development.

8.  Corn

Corn is an underestimated food that has fiber and carbohydrates. Corn also has very little fat, which means that you can consume some good quantity without worrying about fattening up.

9.  Beans

Fiber is very vital for keeping your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. Beans contain a lot of soluble fiber. Beans are an excellent source of folic acid and protein which is needed for good muscle development.

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