7 Top Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man

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Women are most times seen as a transparent being and for that reason, you might be thinking your spouse or girlfriend isn’t keeping any secret from you since she has shown you how she loves you and all. I’m sorry to let you know that you are being deceived, a woman may offer you her body and her heart, but there are always some parts that she’ll never give up or allow you to have the slightest idea about. These are pieces woven into the very fiber of her life as a being. Mysteries only hinted at in a passing sly smile or a mysterious laugh.

So, let’s check out the secrets that all women keep from men.


1.   Her Best Friend Knows Everything About You

Every girl out there has that one female friend to whom she can reveal and conspire about everything or anything which includes her man. She also tells her friend everything you did that hurt her or made her happy even the ones that happened in bed. The funny thing is that she lets her man think that he knows everything about her. It’s her best friend who knows every single thing unlike anybody ever will.


2.   A Woman That Masturbates Won’t Let Her Man Know How much She Masturbates

Research published in the Journal of Sex Research of around 3,000 women, aged 18 to 22, found 85.5 % of women masturbate. The reason women don’t own up to their man just how much they do it is not that they are ashamed of themselves or because of the insecurities that might come up, they just don’t want to let you know. Most times women get the urge to masturbate even more than they have sex with you.
This doesn’t mean she doesn’t fancy you or doesn’t love you but it might also necessarily mean you need to work on your skill and performance or they need to be more truthful about what they need you to do to make them satisfied.


3.   She Doesn’t Want Men To Learn About Parts Of Her Body Where Hair Grows

We all expect a woman’s body to be hairless, very smooth and succulent; but frankly speaking, women have hair growing out some parts of their body which they won’t want you to know about and it’s something which all women disgust so, they spend a long time in the showers almost every day taking care of their hairy business and keep this secret especially from men.


4.   No Woman Is Honest About Their Beauty Salon Service(S)

Women tend to keep this secret from their men, especially when they know they lavished a lot of money to get a particular beauty service. In fact, this is secret women keep most times away from everyone they know. No woman is completely honest in disclosing the number of treatments, how much she bought her hair attachments or services they take from beauty salons to maintain their beauty.


5.   Women Will Never Tell Her Men About Her Crushes

Generally, women harbor their crushes for a long period of time if not forever, even when she makes love with her man or just in bed, there are chances she’ll be thinking about her crush because a woman’s love is fierce and for any women to let go, someone, she once loved or admired she has to suffer tremendous and intolerant experience for her to alter that feeling.


6.   She’ll Never Talk To Her Man About Her Jealousy

A woman will never disclose her jealousy to her man, take for example her man was playing with her friend or having a long conversation with her friend or even admired her friend. It’s like a secret code, that no woman can disclose their jealousy or feel jealous of one another, but you can’t stop women’s heart from loving and even more you can’t stop her heart from feeling jealous of another woman. Most times a woman becomes jealous of her female friend out of a protective feeling and insecurities for her man.


7.   She Probably Just Loves How Good You Are In Bed

Most women won’t tell you exactly the things she loves about you, but just allow something she enjoys and that is good go to another woman just like that, so she might have been sticking with you in the relationship against all odds just because you are very good in bed, some women that love their man because of that won’t tell them, it’s her secret (she must have told her best friend). She might just tell him “she loves him” but won’t say it’s because of the good sex. Well, it is still loving though.

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