7 Super Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

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A Good Relationship is not something that happens all of a sudden, it is definitely built gradually bit by bit by two people or should I say, two lovers, so that means you always have to work towards having a good relationship. Sometimes people tend to ask themselves questions or doubt if they are in a good relationship or not.

Being in a Good Relationship is a nice experience, it is not difficult to find but it is even very easy not to notice it. You can decide to spend your time searching for a good relationship, and you might never see it even when it is before you.

A Good Relationship, therefore, requires contribution and effort from both partners, and it blossoms more as the day goes by.

So right now you would want to have an idea if you are really in a good relationship with your partner?

These qualities of a good relationship will definitely tell you and clear your doubts if you are in a good relationship or not…


1.  The Both Of You Have Mutual Respect For Each Other

Having mutual respect means that each individual cherishes who the other is and recognizes the other person’s limits. This is seen in how you relate with each other on an everyday basis, even during an argument, your partner sees your opinion and your thoughts about a particular issue in a respectful way.


2.  Unconditional Love Exists Between Both Of You

Partners having good relationships are always in a good mood and happy, they tend to feel even better when their partner is happy, in a good relationship, the happiness one feels is not biased.

Has your partner ever gone extreme just to make you happy? For example, your partner going under the rain or snow to get you something you want when you can’t do it yourself, maybe you weren’t feeling too well at that moment

If you are in a good relationship, you and your partner always need to go out of your league to make sure the other feels good and happy.

Do you experience this kind of Love between both of you?


3.  You Feel Happy When You Are Around Your Partner

A good relationship requires both partners to be happy when they are with each other. Good partners are companions to each other and that makes the relationship balanced and equal.

Most people get into a relationship and within a short period of time, they have started looking outside the relationship consumed with the thought that they deserve someone better, because he or she feels attractive and very desirable. But in a good relationship, both Lovers know they are attractive, but they also have in mind that they are best for each other.


4.  good Communication Exists Between You Two

In a good relationship, each partner speaks sincerely without concealment to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication, both partners don’t fail to properly appreciate each other, they share and exchange ideas with each other and also understand each other’s professional or private life.

As humans we tend to change all the time so spending time together is a priority in a good relationship because you can always have the opportunity to learn about your partner the more, so it is ideal to have knowledge about your partner for who they are at the present and not what they were some years back probably when you first met.

Do you have full knowledge of your partner?

What if your partner, does he or she has full knowledge about you?


5.  Trusts Exists Between You And Your Partner

Trust is a very essential part of a good relationship, but it is something Lovers wrestle with for a lot of various explanations.

Having trust in someone means that you rely on and confide in the person. Trust is not something that comes into existence immediately you get into a relationship, trust is something you build with your partner over the course of time when the both of you must have decided to trust each other.

In a good relationship, the partners confide and feel safe with each other physically and emotionally because of their mutual commitment towards to themselves, both partners do not act or react in any way that harm or threatens the safety of the others ( physically or emotionally) no matter what comes up.


6.  Both Of You Argue In A Beneficial Way

Having an argument in a relationship is never bad, so far as it does not happen all the time.

In a good relationship, arguments are very constructive to the relationship, when you voice out your thoughts, it helps your partner have a better understanding of how you feel. If the argument was on an emotional subject and the air was cleared constructively, it definitely brings both of you closer so far as the same error does not repeat itself.

And also, in a good relationship fights and arguments are ended as soon as possible by both parties regardless of who started it.


7.  Both Of You Are Honest To Each Other

Honesty escalates trust and sustains the relationships, Honesty demands lack of secrecy or concealment.

In a good relationship, there are no falsification and conspiracies because honesty with both yourself and your partner is a preliminary part when starting a relationship.

And also remember you can’t TRUST your partner if you feel he or she is not being honest with you, so honesty and integrity are traits of a good relationship

Do you feel your partner is honest with you?

Are you honest with your partner?









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