6 Strong Signs To Know Your Relationship is Bad And You Need To Probably Quit

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People are often ignorant of their collapsing relationships because they believe if they continue to pretend and behave like everything is normal things will eventually turn out to be okay. However, in reality, it doesn’t really work that way, you have the right to break away from any relationship that you feel is collapsing though you have an option of trying to make things right, maybe trying to amend the mistakes that are taking your relationship to the wrong direction. But when there is no positive result, sorry you really need to break up.

Let’s look at these 6 strong signs…


1. Lack Of Communication

I can’t imagine a relationship that lacks communication when I say communication I mean good communication. Communication is vital to a prosperous relationship. Lack of communication creates emptiness between you and your partner. So you will have to make strategies to spend some time together and have a tête-à-tête if that proves too difficult and you realize that the both of you don’t care anymore then know it’s time to call it quits.


2.  Too Much Fight

A fight happens even in a good relationship, it shows you are human and care about each other. Alternatively, if all dialogue or action ends in a fight, it could because you have gotten vexed with each other. Do the slightest thing your partner does bother you enormously? Quarrels over minor things are usually a sign that there are unfathomable issues which both of you should come together and resolve it. But if you don’t want to stress yourself in trying to fix the issue you can just break up and go get some air outside because the relationship is by this time over.


3.  Lack Of Intimacy

This is paramount!!! Whenever your desires for sexual intimacy becomes massively different from your partner or you rarely have sex with him or her, then it’s a sign. Relationship expert Cathy Meyer has clearly mentioned that “Whether it is him/her or you that have lost interest, a lack of consistent intimacy in a relationship or marriage as the case may be is a negative sign. Sex is kind of a glue that binds and keeps both of your heart to heart with each other, it’s the way we adults have fun and enjoy each other.”


4.  You Don’t Spend Time Together Anymore

If in any way your relationship was ever good, you’d want to spend time with each other. Probably have movie nights, dinner dates, I mean they’d still be preferences, instead of distant memories of when the both of you were having a nice time. So make sure you take note if your partner no longer feels likes hanging out with you or now prefers hanging out most times with friends. If this is familiar to you, then it may be a sign it’s over.


5.  Your Partner Is Becoming Secretive

If you’re now having that instinctive feeling that something is going on behind you, you’re might be right. And one indicator of this is secrets or the chronic suspicion of them. When your partner has become more secretive about where they are, who they are with, who they are talking to, of course, it’s a sign. This can also go both ways, so you better take note of your own desire to be sketchy and secretive.


6.  Public Display Of Affection Is Fading

This depends if the public display of affection was existing right from the onset, if your public displays of affection have reduced drastically and gradually turning to public displays of separation, you may have a serious cause for concern. Touch is each time driven by love. So when you are in love, you want to touch and feel your partner. When sweet kisses, hand holding, and walking arm-in-arm have stopped all of a sudden, then those are some obvious signs your relationship is falling or have even fallen apart.

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